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Small Basic – Because it’s never to early to start programming!

I don't remember exactly how old I was when I first started programming, but it was somewhere in early primary school. My dad had just bought us a used Commodore 64 and I started playing around with the Commodore Basic programming language. Those of you who remember BASIC probably also wrote something like this at one point:

20 GOTO 10

Yeah it was fun, but not terribly useful, and doing anything graphical was a nightmare. However it was enough to spur my interest in programming in general, and after a few years on an IBM PS/2 8086 with QuickBASIC I eventually graduated to Visual Basic 4.5 with WinForms and the rest is history. Had it not been for these early years I might never have become a developer in the first place.

I don't have any kids, but I imagine there's alot of fellow developers out there who do, and I'm sure some of you might already have thought about what your kids will grow up to be one day. I'm not really a fan of parents telling their kids what career to choose, but as Homer Simpson once said "It never hurts to grease the engine a little!".

So if you want your kid to get the taste for programming why not introduce them to Small Basic? It's educational and might be the beginning of a long and prosperous life in the "wonderful world of software development".