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HTC HD2 Not Upgradeable To Windows Phone 7 After All

There's been rumors going around that HTC is planning to upgrade the HD2 to Windows Phone 7 when it's releases some time this fall. The HD2 is supposedly the first device to meet the hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 with it's Snapdragon 1GHz CPU, 448MB RAM and 4.3" touch screen.

There seemed to be hope for an upgrade when HTC Russia's twitter account apparently confirmed that the HD2 is the only currently available device that will get Windows Phone 7. Later however this was retracted.

The latest update seems to be from Microsoft’s General Manager for Mobile Business Asia-Pacific Region, Natasha Kwan, who recently told APC Magazine that "Because we have very specific requirements for Windows Phone 7 Series the current phones we have right now will not be upgradable."

Apparently this is because of new requirements from Microsoft that all Windows Phone 7 devices must adhere to the "Three Chassis" specification, and the HD2 does not. It seems that despite it's impressive hardware specs the HD2 will be denied Windows Phone 7 simply because it does not have the correct number of buttons...

That being said there is currently an ongoing petition to make an exception for the HD2, and even if that doesn't work I suspect there will be lots of unofficial ROMS on XDA-Developers for the more adventurous users.

I suspect many users will be disappointed to find out that despite having the most impressive hardware on the market they will be stuck with an ever more outdated operating system with no official upgrade path. I wouldn't be surprised to see windows mobile sales drop when users realize this.